Valley Blinds is a friendly family run business that has over 25 years experience within the window blind and awning industry.
Giving our customers quality and service is what we always strive for and we are sure that, when you purchase from us, you will be 100% satisfied with our products. We offer a professional, reliable, friendly service with no obligation quotes and free measuring and installation.
Valley-Blinds have a reputation for excellent service and quality which makes us one of North West England’s favourite suppliers and installers of child safe home window blinds, conservatory and business shading systems. We supply to both the domestic and commercial markets, including schools and colleges.
We ensure that your shutters and blinds will be nothing short of perfect and will last a lifetime.

Valley Blinds Shutters – Head And Shoulders Above The Competition

All of our craftsmen are exactly that – craftsmen. They take a very great pride in what they do, so attention to every last tiny detail is their mantra. That begins with selecting premium hardwoods from a small and exclusive number of UK timber merchants. Only the best will do for Valley Blinds Shutters customers. Combine that with precision mortise-and-tenon joinery, hand finishing at every stage, and prescription wood conditioning and we then have a recipe for shutters of which we can be proud, and which we are happy to stand behind with our limited lifetime warranty.

Valley Blinds Shutters produces shutters of the finest quality for discriminating homeowners. Our Sussex Wooden Plantation Shutters are hand-crafted from only the finest basswood and other hardwoods selected by our own buyer from a small handful of trusted UK timber importers. We will not purchase timbers from general importers, nor be enticed by their “deal of the week”. Valley Blinds Plantation Shutters customers get only the finest timbers available.
Our shutters are an investment that will appreciate with time so that our customers not only enjoy the sheer beauty of their plantation shutters but will also obtain a return on their investment should they wish to sell their property at some point in the future.
Our craftsmen take great pride in their work, and use traditional skills of furniture design and production that have been handed down through the centuries, combined with the latest innovative technological developments.
Every shutter that we produce is designed to fit your window and complement your home in a way that no competitor can. For that unique final touch, choose your own frame and panel designs, and select from a wide range of colours to suit your room and your windows.

Enhance The Value Of Your Home With Valley Blinds Plantation Shutters

Valley Blinds Plantation Shutters are offered at differing price levels depending on design intricacy required by the customer and materials selected. Whatever type of shutter you require, you can be certain that it will be produced to a standard unmatched by any competitor and will enhance the value of your home. All Valley Blinds Shutters are covered by our limited lifetime limited warranty.

Not all timbers are the same. The very best heirloom furniture is made using quarter-sawn wood. So are Valley Blinds Plantation Shutters.
Quarter sawing is a process whereby the logs are first quartered lengthwise and each quarter is then tipped up on its point and cut along its axis. The result is timbers with the annual growth rings most perpendicular to the faces, which gives straight striped grain lines and greater stability than flat-sawn wood. The wood is much less susceptible to cupping, twisting, or warping.
Another important feature of Valley Blinds Plantation Shutters is the use of the correct joints. We use mortice-and-tenon joints that are designed to cope with the stresses endured by shutters.
Every piece of wood that is used is subject to a series of sanding with progressively finer grades of sandpaper: this process opens the pores of the wood and smooths the surface. Each shutter layer is coated with a fine quality stain or paint, which is what achieves the deep translucent finish of our Valley Blinds Plantation Shutters. It is labour-intensive but the only way to achieve the finish that our customers deserve.

At Valley Blinds we constantly adopt new technology

Traditionalists though we are, we constantly seek to adopt any new technology which can result in better performance for our customers. Our aim is to offer every customer the widest possible choice of shapes, frames, colours, materials, and other options.

Our Prescription Wood Conditioning technique is unique to Valley Blinds Shutters. No other manufacturer that we know of does this.
It involves our wood conditioning specialists visiting your home or other location in order to determine the average humidity.
The wood that is to be used for your plantation shutters is then carefully dried to match that exact humidity. This ensures that your plantation shutters will close tightly and without any gaps and will remain that way for your lifetime. Wood has a tendency to deform, but we overcome this by using a combination of reinforced wood stiles with multiple layers that are bonded with heat, pressure, and a proprietary chemical.
The resulting shutters are superior to any alternative.

Outstanding Service

It is not just our outstanding attention to detail at every stage of the manufacturing process that makes Valley Blinds Plantation Shutters stand out from the crowd. Our service ensures that your shutters are ready when we say they will be and our in-house installation teams are all part of the Valley Blinds Shutters family. They will be friendly and helpful, leave your room clean and tidy and you will be overjoyed with our service and eager to show off your new shutters!

Any possible shape of shutters supplied, many with operable louvers and panels that open so that you can access the windows for cleaning.
Wooden shutters with a track system for sliding shutters.
French door cut-out shutters with handle and doorknob access.
Speciality shapes that can combine with rectangular windows.